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Coast Guard Safety Checks

The Vessel Safety Check is a bow to stern safety check of your boat by trained vessel examiners designed to help you be safer on the water. This is a free, public service of the U.S.Coast Guard offered by the U.S.Coast Guard Auxiliary, the U.S.Power Squadrons, and some state providers.

Federal, state and local regulations require certain safety equipment be carries onboard your boat. Items such as fire extinguishers, life jackets, visual distress signals, backfire flame control, navigation lights, and proper display of numbers are just a few of the items checked.

Norris Lake Annual Vessel Safety Checks


The Coast Guard Auxiliary on Norris Lake is here to offer advice and suggestions on your boat. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist.

Until Spring – keep on boating and see you at the 2019 Knoxville Boat Show.

Ron Boneau, USCGA Flotilla 12-05 Norris Lake, TN
FSO-VSC Division Commander 082
Phone: 423/566-8684
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